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I've seen you

13 June 2024

I've seen you. 

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It's time to change your name

30 November 2023

I remember when I first met you all. 

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I am a grown up

21 November 2023

I am 43-years-old.

I have a job. I clean the house. I drink coffee. 

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I will stop, I will pause. And I will remember.

02 November 2023

November feels like a month to pause, to breathe, to remember.

And to be grateful.

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The "lasts"

05 September 2023

It’s almost Term 4. I am mindful there are less “lasts” now.

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Better go get living

11 August 2023

Today’s lesson – is to get living.

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Term 3 - The Premiership Quarter

24 July 2023

Here we are. In the Premiership Quarter.

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It's simple. Show up.

06 July 2023

There is an undeniable power in simply showing up.


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I get to.

19 May 2023

Change one word today

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These holidays, take all the pictures.

18 April 2023

Take all the pictures. Make all the memories.

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