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Here you will find videos and their corresponding handouts from past Parent Engagement Sessions and Events hosted by Catholic School Parents SA...

Middle to High School Cool

presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker

During this period of psychological change and growth, pre-teens and teenagers want to fit in. This practical workshop will give you an insight into the minds of this age group and how best to respond to their social and emotional needs to prepare them for the next stage of their education.

Presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker of Positive Minds Australia.


A window into the adolescent brain

presented by Mark Le Messurier

The ages between 11 to 20 years are loosely considered adolescence. It is a critical time for human development and is best-known as a period of change – physically, emotionally, sexually and neurologically. Yet, adolescent behaviour can be a puzzle to many – parents included.
So, what is a parent to do...? Firstly, understand what’s really happening within your teenager during this vulnerable time. Change gears and shift your parenting to embrace this new dimension.


Helping children and teenagers respond to friendship difficulties and bullying

presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker

This workshop will help parents and carers identify the difference between bullying and social clumsiness, whilst also providing practical and constructive ways for young people to cope with confidence and resilience.


A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its impact on your family

presented by Mark Le Messurier

In this workshop you will learn some facts about ASD, but this isn’t the primary goal. The workshop will explore how an ASD diagnosis can feel, what it means and how parents go about achieving connected and respectful behaviours in their children.



a raw conversation with Gill Hicks on her personal story of strength, gratitude and how it relates to families

Gill Hicks is globally known as a survivor of the London terrorist bombings on July 7th 2005. She survived, but suffered severe and permanent injuries, losing both legs from just below the knee. Gill is a published author, musician, award winning artist and performer. Gill’s appreciation and gratitude for life is present throughout all her creative works.

Attendees of the event left feeling empowered, inspired and grateful to continue to their parenting and education journey.


Get off that Computer NOW!

presented by Mark Le Messurier

This was more than a workshop on “cyber safety” – it addressed the delicate balance required to support kids to manage real life responsibilities, screens, social media and video games. 

Mark took attendees down a road that creates a balance between screens and other aspects of living a real life. Capturing a balance is a healthier approach than endlessly fighting, banning and being the controller of screens and devices... You need to be empowered – not scared off.

Presented by Mark Le Messurier - teacher, counsellor, author and public speaker. Mark works in private practice as a mentor to children and adolescents, and as coach to parents.


Anxiety and Worry in Children & Teenagers

presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker

This Parent Engagement Evening, hosted by Catholic School Parent SA, welcomed all parents and carers of children in Catholic schools.

Many children experience some degree of anxiety and worry. This session helps parents and carers learn to respond in a way that doesn’t further inflame the situation and reduce destructive thinking patterns and improve resilience and wellbeing.

Presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker of Positive Minds Australia.

Download Slides - Anxiety and Worry


Link - Free Resources, Positive Minds Australia
Link - Books and eLearning – Madhavi Nawana Parker

Introducing Professor Denis Ralph

Chair of South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS)

Our Executive Officer, Trish Jarvis, sits down with Professor Denis Ralph for a Question and Answer session on the role of SACCS, the initiatives and developments in the future and how parents can get involved.