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One day, it just stopped.

18 November 2022

And then one day, it stops. With no warning, it stopped.

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I have a Prince Louis.

17 June 2022

I have a Prince Louis.

His name is Alfie. He would happily allow me to call him “Prince Alfie” and treat him with the respect the title deserves.

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Write yourself a permission slip

08 April 2022

COVID-19 continues to cause anxiety because the situation is unprecedented and uncertain. 

What can you do if you or your loved one is experiencing anxiety during this time?

Write yourself a permission slip to take a step back. To take a breath.

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400. A big number.

25 March 2022

400. It’s a big number with a lot of different meanings.

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What no-one told me I would gain...

11 March 2022

There are things people don't tell you before your child starts school.

What you do know, is that as a parent, you will get to see your children grow, learn, and develop into little people in front of you.

What no-one tells you – is what you, as a parent, will gain too. How important that is. And how much you will treasure, and value it.

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It’s time. For your voice.

03 March 2022

As I drive the children to school every morning, it is hard not to see the election candidates’ corflutes on every street corner.

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A letter from the Boarding Leaders at Sacred Heart College

22 February 2022

To whom it may concern,

Given the recent media attention on the impact of COVID in Boarding Schools, we thought it was important to convey the perspectives of those of us experiencing this on an everyday basis in our home away from home - Boarding School.

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There is no place like home

21 February 2022

Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.  And the uncertainty for boarders who are facing potential isolation if identified as close contacts, is making that feeling difficult.


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