As an organisation, we offer a range of resources to assist you in feeling confident leading your children through their schooling years and establish their Catholic identity. These resources include a range of interactive workshops, forums and other events for parents to attend and be involved.

School Visits

We are able to come to your school and discuss what CSPSA has to offer, listen to the opinions of parents on various topics and provide solutions to governance issues.

To have our representative attend your school, please complete our contact form.


Skills Presentation

We are able to facilitate workshops and presentations to assist parents to develop skills they need to guide their children towards achieving their educational goals and the development of their own Catholic identity.

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When an issue arrives, it can be helpful for an independent person to assist with issues to enable a positive schooling environment and relationship. We can offer a listening ear in these circumstances and lead you towards the right direction to arrive at a positive outcome.

Join Us

CSPSA works in partnership with Catholic Education Offices, Diocese Offices and all 103 Catholic schools throughout South Australia.

Principals are invited to nominate a parent representative to connect directly with CSPSA. The parent representative will then be the contact person to represent the parents in your school. 

The parent representative will work alongside the Principal and the Board to work in partnership with CSPSA, including acting as a liaison for CSPSA on matters of education and importance within your school.

To nominate a parent representative for your school, please complete the Parent Representative Nomination Form