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I am a grown up


I did cartwheels 10 days ago. My hamstring still hurts. I am surprised that i got old and no-one told me.

I have a job. I clean the house. I drink coffee. I clean the house again.

I am a mum. I am a wife. I am a sister. I have a mortgage. I test my pelvic floor if I jump on the trampoline. I clean the house, yet again.

I am, by all standards an adult.

I get anxiety. I worry. I wake up at 3am and make a to do list. I look at my superannuation balance and actually think about. Albeit, briefly.

By all measures, I am a grown up.

I have forgotten what it Is like to be a child. 

Last week, at my children's primary school, there was a Catholic Charties fundraiser colour run. At the colour run, I saw pure joy. Pure elation. Pure happiness.I saw children being children. I stood back and watched on. I cried at the happiness, I laughed at laundry that was to be had. And I saw our teachers. Our staff. All covered in colour. All involved. All doing exactly what they do every day, putting the happiness of our children first.

There was colour. There was laughter. There was zero care of what people looked like. Zero concern on how funny they looked, if they straightened their hair or if they had the top range of shoes on.

Then i decided to join in. And I didn’t feel like an adult. I forgot about my super. I didn’t care if I forgot to fill up my car with petrol.  I forgot that i needed a new roof – as this can wait.

And like the children, I felt that joy too.

At some point in the last few years, between the work, bills, medical appointments and life, my setting changed to “adult”. I suspect that I’m not alone in that. When the setting changed,  I started missing out on opportunities for happiness. 

But, I got a little reset. Find yourself a reset. Whatever it may look like. And take it. If it makes you laugh, it it makes you smile - then take it.

To our community, to our staff, to our children. Thank you. You turned down the setting back to "child" for me today.

And it was needed.

And it was loved.