I get to.


I want you to change one word today.

See how changing one word in your daily sentences can make a difference.

Remove the word “have to” – and replace it with “get to”.

We all are living with life, work, health and cost of living stressors. It is easy to fall into the trap of looking at these stressors and thinking what you have to do next.

You have to get to work, you have to go for the run in the morning, you have to pick up the kids for school.

Recently through some family health challenges, this "have to" mentality was a recurring theme for me and I could hear myself constantly complaining.  It’s a busy week – I have to organise specialists, hospitals, medicines, appointments and so on.

Then I changed this thinking to -  “I get to”. And my mindset changed to gratitude, and I became stronger.

I am fortunate to live in society where I get to access healthcare system. I get to have the support. I get to make appointments for the family.

I get to pull on my running shoes each morning, I get to go to a job that I love, and I get to have manic, busy, sometimes ugly ,sometimes beautiful school pick-up.

Change the word.

Change it from “have to” – and replace with “get to”.I can’t guarantee I won’t still complain, and to my school mum family who gets to be on the end of those complaints and tears, please know on these days, there is “get to” feeling buried somewhere.

When you realise you are fortunate enough to have the word “get” in your life – your gratitude, strength and resilience will grow.

I have to go do the pile of laundry now.

That word stays as “have to”.