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These holidays, take all the pictures.


You made it! Whether you walked, ran, or limped over the finish line of Term 1, you made it.

School Holidays are upon us. Time to dust off working from home and perfect this parenting juggle.  Hopefully, you are packing the caravan and heading away to hike some mountain, swim in a rock pool or just disconnect. If not, here are 5 tips for home activities – with proven outcomes.

  1. Arrange an outing with another school family.

When you do this, choose carefully. Think of the family which aligns to your parenting style – that will want to do the least number of arts and crafts or playground red rovers, and preferably, sit in a cinema with $100 worth of popcorn and chocolate.

The family you choose must be willing to identify that the excursion is safety in numbers.

Note - Screen time at another family’s house does not count as in screen usage calculations.

  1. Recharge

You will announce to the family the holidays are a time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate to prepare for a big Term 2. You will recharge – the screen devices to give you some peace and quiet.

  1. Cooking

This is always a brilliant school holiday activity. The children will choose the recipe, write down a list of 35 items you don’t have, scatter your kitchen with ingredients whilst making dinner. You will all smile at the creation, swallow it politely, and take pictures of this wonderful achievement.

After they are asleep, you will order pizza. After you have cleaned the kitchen.

  1. Have a day trip to the museum, library, Lego exhibition.

There are plenty of free activities on offer to enjoy and learn along the way. Remember to take pictures. Lots and lots of them. Capture this brilliant moment of parenting, before you head to an afternoon of hot chips and raspberry lemonades.

  1. Repeat  

Repeat these achievements every school holidays. For many, many years.

Go make memories friends.